THE REAL MESSIAH BLOG: Undated Agrippa Coins (reign of Nero)

Undated Agrippa Coins (reign of Nero)

Agrippa II, 55-95 AD, struck with the portrait of Nero, 54-68 AD, bronze of 13.4 mm, 3.59 grams.Obverse: Laureate bust Nero right. Reverse: Wreath with Greek legend within. Reference: Hendin 583.

Agrippa II, 55-95 AD, struck with the portrait of Nero, 54-68 AD, full denomination bronze of 23.3 mm, 13.76 grams. Laureate bust Nero right, lituus beneath chin/ Wreath with Greek legend naming BOTH Agrippa II and Nero within. Hendin 581.

AE 21 minted at Paneas under Nero, c. 65 C.E. RPC 4846. NLJ 209. Hen-578. Distyle temple on podium; within, female figure (Poppaea?) seated left, holding cornucopiae. Reverse: Round hexastyle temple; within, female figure standing left, holding cornucopiae.

AE 23 minted at Paneas (as Neronias) under Nero. AJC pl. 11, 1. Hen-581. Laureate head right of Nero, lituus in front. Reverse: Inscription within wreath

AE 14 minted probably at Paneas under Nero, 66/7 C.E. AJC pl. 11, 5. Hen-584. Turreted head right of Tyche. Reverse: Double cornucopiae.

AE 21 minted at Sepphoris under Nero, 67/8 C.E. Ros. 1. Hen-586. Inscription within wreath. Reverse: Double crossed cornucopiae with caduceus between the horns.

Objekt-Nr.: 2237

Agrippa II., 50 - 95 n. Chr.
AE (13,73 g.), 61 n. Chr. Mzst. Caesarea Paneas. Vs.: [NERWN KAISAR] SEBASTOS, Kopf des Nero mit Lorbeerkranz n. r. Rs.: EPI BASILE AGRIPP NERWNIE in Kranz. RPC 4988. ss

Ex Münzentrum 74, 1992, 416.

AE 1/2 unit (18 mm, 5.66 g). Under Nero, 54-68 C.E.). Laureate head of Nero right / Legend in five lines within circle; all within wreath. AJC II p. 250, 2; Hendin 582. Good VF, brown patina. The reverse legend commemorates Agrippa's refounding of Caesarea Paneas as Neronias.

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