THE REAL MESSIAH BLOG: Marcus Agrippa Coins Year 27 (82 CE)

Marcus Agrippa Coins Year 27 (82 CE)

Æ 16mm (3.69 g, 12h). Caesarea Paneas mint. Dated RY 27 of his second era (87/8 CE). DOMITIANO C [KA]ICAP –, laureate head of Domitian right / BA in central field, AGRIPPA – ET KZ –, crossed cornucopias. RPC II 2287 (same dies as illustration); Meshorer 171 (same dies as illustration); SNG ANS 313; Hendin 623. Good VF, brown surfaces, areas of pitting on obverse. Very rare.

AE 25 minted under Domitian, dated year 27 (87/8 C.E.). AJC pl. 15, 38. Hen-619. Laureate head right of the deified Vespasian, father of Domitian. Reverse: Turreted Tyche standing left

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