THE REAL MESSIAH BLOG: John Malas on St. Berenice

John Malas on St. Berenice

"Berenice the sick woman of yore set up in the midst of her own city of Paenada (Paneas) a monument in bronze adorned with gold and silver. It is still standing in the city of Paenada. Not long ago it was taken from the place where it stood in the middle of the city and placed in a house of prayer. One Batho, a converted Jew, found it mentioned in a book which contained an account of all those who reigned over Judea." De imaginibus Oratio 3 (Migne, PG 94, 1369 - 74); Ailes 1898, pp 125 - 126 in John Francis Wilsons Caesarea Philippi: Banias the Lost City of Pan

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