THE REAL MESSIAH BLOG: Merkavah mysticism and the Throne

Merkavah mysticism and the Throne

copyright 2008 Stephan Huller

Who is the earliest authority on Merkabah in Rabbinic Judaism?
The guy they call 'John' who had an angelic visitation thirty years before
the destruction of the temple (like Mark). Now he not only 'saved' Judaism
in the intermediate period but now did so through the contemplation of the
Divine Throne? Sounds too close to what we have discovered to be

Here's the formula everyone missed which unites Judaism and Christianity in
the period as we have now uncovered. THE THRONE REPLACED THE HOLY OF HOLIES

All we need to do is stop imagining that Jews and Christians were
contemplating an IMAGINARY throne.

How fitting is veberating a throne then for a period which saw the
realization of the ancient expectation of the messiah. What else could we
have expected?

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jeff said...

the metaphor throne is used so people can understand the representation of god as a king of sorts - not literally but figuratively. if all of existence is the throne of god, how could the holy of holies replace it?