THE REAL MESSIAH BLOG: The Sun of Righteousness

The Sun of Righteousness

copyright 2008 Stephan Huller

by Rory Boid (personal correspondence)

Does the book refer to Malachi III:16?Is Mark the messenger (or angel) of the covenant in Malachi III:1?Is Malachi III:1-4 a perspective of an imminent reformation of the Temple service and priesthood, seen from the perspective of 37 A.D. to be a few years away? The tense of one verb in verse 1 is ambiguous. Grammatically it could be that the messenger is coming or has come. If there is an allusion to this passage, then the words could have been taken to mean he has just come as king, but will come as purifier.

The passages in Malachi c. 3 would be relevant to the symbolism on the model throne if some hint could be found that the connection was intended. Here are the steps. The ninth vision is in Genesis 22. There is another ninth vision in Zechariah. The sun symbols indicate that this second connection is intended as well. (The connection still needs some more strengthening, because the words “the ninth vision” are not next to a sun symbol). In Zech. it says “a man called Dawn, and he will dawn etc.” In Malachi 3:20 it says “The sun of righteousness will arise, with healing in her wings”. It could be argued that a connection is intended, since the sun is nearly touched by the eagle’s wings. In that case, the whole of Malachi ch. 3 is relevant in the sense that the design on the throne assumes such a connection. My question was whether you think this argument holds up.

I have looked in the book The Name of God and the Angel of the Lord by Jarl Fossum. Was this what you meant? I couldn’t find anything about an apostle. I couldn’t find anything about a connection between Malachi 3 and the Torah either.

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