THE REAL MESSIAH BLOG: "Agrippa in his underwear"

"Agrippa in his underwear"

copyright 2008 Stephan Huller

by Rory Boid (personal correspondence)

I had thought it was a long piece of cloth, but you could be right. It would
be hard to draw it any other way on a coin. The symbolism of being crowned
by two Roman officers is appropriate if he is to be the Mashiach Nagid
mentioned in Daniel, and of course the combination of anointing and the two
Roman officers and the inscription would fit neatly into your theory in the
book. The presence of the name Jesus in tiny letters everywhere is
important, if it really is there.

The inscription reads King Agrippa Friend of Lord Caesar or King Agrippa
Friend of Caesar Lord.

What is the thing at his feet?

The single garment, a light shift, is appropriate if olive oil is being
poured. Now I think I see why he was only wearing undies when Jesus was
arrested. He had just been anointed as King by Jesus, the High Priest. That
was why Jesus and the disciples went to the Mount of Olives. First, it would
have been private. Second, the Anointed is expected to enter Jerusalem from
that direction. Or actually, both Anointeds royal and priestly are expected
to. This on the coin would be Agrippa's second anointing, for a different
interest group.

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