THE REAL MESSIAH BLOG: Marcus Agrippa Coins Year 6 (42 CE)

Marcus Agrippa Coins Year 6 (42 CE)

AGRIPA BACILEWC, umbrella-like canopy with fringes / three ears of barley between two leaves, date L S at sides. SGI 5567, AJC II 11,

Prutah, Jerusalem year 6 (41-42 AD), æ 2.45 g. AGRIPA BACILEOC Umbrella-like canopy with fringes. Rev. Three ears of barley; at sides, L - V. Hendin 553. Meshorer II, 11

Schätzpreis/Estimate: CHF 100.-

d=18 mm
Agrippa I, king 37-44. Prutah, Jerusalem, 42. BACILîwC AGRIPA Canopy. Rev. Three ears of corn, in field, date LV (year 6 of the reign). 3.27 g. Meshorer II, 249, 11. RPC I, 684, 4981. SNG ANS 262. Dark, olive-green patina.

Lot of 4 Bronze Prutot, Jerusalem, year 6 = 41/42. Canopy. Rev. Three ears of grain between L S. AJC 11. Hendin 553. RPC 4981. TJC 120. One with an obverse brockage. Fine or better. (4)

From the collection of Teddy Kollek.

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